A downloadable WoM for Windows and macOS

This is an oldschool Pixel Art Platformer.

Game Description:

World of Marti is an PixelArt Platformer with a short (not yet complete) story. As D_Vice (a willing- and mindless robot) you "meet" MARTI, an artificial Intelligence that rules over an empty lifeless world. But something is wrong as Marti lost control over parts of his system. Help Marti to find out what's wrong and to get rid of that "disturbance".


- WallJump

- moving Platforms

- Antigravitation Fields (basically Trampolines)

- SwitchPuzzles

- PowerCells (that boost your JumpPower for the rest of the current area)

Repository Link:



Philipp Schmitz (Idea, GameDesign, Programming, GameArt)

Adrian Splisteser (Idea)

Paul Grimm (Concept Art)

Credits - University of Applied Science Europe:

This game was created at the GameDesign department of the University of Applied Science Europe.


WorldOfMarti.app.zip 39 MB
WoM_Win.zip 34 MB

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